Here at EDK, communication is our art form. Whether it’s through the written word, a digital graphic, or a promotional ad, our mission is to act as the bridge for our clients. We understand that the value of bringing that message to a target market effectively is what drives EDK forward.

What is the purpose of branding for a business? It is what differentiates one company from another. Branding comes in many forms — a name, symbol, logo, or some other differentiator seen by customers. The key is to make it memorable and distinctive. How do you accomplish this? Well, it takes some thought into what your brand is all about. Here’s an exercise — try asking yourself the following questions about your company’s brand:

  1. What specific qualities would you assign to your business that would make it relatable to other people?
  2. What are those human characteristics that you like in other people?
  3. What do you want your customers to experience when interacting with your company?

These specific qualities you would assign to your brand are the same qualities that would be seen at touchpoints of your company

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. This could be the packaging on your product, the logo on your company signage, or your sales rep.

Authenticity will always be remembered by a customer — something to keep in mind when branding your business.

Consider developing some positioning statements and a story about your brand. A great brand story can only enhance your company’s image.

Things to keep in mind when developing your positioning statement:

  1. Who is your target audience?
  2. What do you offer to your market?
  3. What do you do better than your competition?
  4. How do you make your customers feel? What do they experience when engaging with your product or service?

Crafting your positioning statement takes some thought and digging into all the reasons you have your business. We’ll go into what makes a great positioning statement on a future blog. If you’re interested in learning more about EDK’s creative branding services, contact us here!