Let’s say you are just browsing the internet and you come across a picture of a dog that reminds you of a dog you used to have. So you stop to look, then you read a couple of lines on the article. You find out the dog’s name is Saske. Well, that was the name of your dog, so your interest has piqued. The article turns out to be about the dangers of heartworms and contains lots of important information. So you continue to read and learn something about dog healthcare.

Good website content writing is never generic; it is of a more personalized nature

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. Good website content writing also drives people to your site, as we’ve seen through effective SEO optimization. But without strong, engaging, content all the SEO optimization in the world isn’t going to strike an interest. 

Along with strong website content writing, relevant videos and photographs will make your site come together very nicely. Good website content writing is also attractive for Google’s latest algorithms. Artificial intelligence (AI) has progressed to the level that now, the quality of the content on a website can be quickly identified. Then depending on the quality of the content, site rankings can be raised or lowered. 

The aesthetics or visual look and feel of a site isn’t something Google is particularly interested in. While a well-designed website is essential to the user experience and influences how one engages with the site, it is all about the content. Good content writing is always king! Keywords must be relevant since it’s what search engines use to determine what the content of the page is about.

There is another crucial reason for having good content writing on your website. Potential clients will keep coming back to visit your website for all the great resources and information you’re providing, and that will raise the rankings naturally, which is the way it should be. 

As a business owner, your website should be filled with great content  because you are the expert. Positioning yourself as a resource clients can rely on, now that is true optimization.

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