The Importance of Creative Branding

Dec 15, 2021 | Branding, Branding Agencies Los Angeles

Creative branding is ever-flowing and fluid. It has a story and a personality which changes just enough to keep up with the times. Very much like our own personal style.

If you look back at old pictures of yourself, not including the young teenage years when we were trying to find ourselves, you will notice that you had a distinct style and personality. As an adult, your story changed a bit because you’ve progressed and are now involved in different causes. 

The concept of creative branding allows a brand to keep its personality and style but changes the story a little bit to keep up with current times and causes. It also allows you breathing room to bring back elements of yesteryear if need be. Very much like Burger King’s first rebrand back in January of 2021. Their new logo is a hip modern version of the classic Burger King look, so they brought back elements of the old.

Their story changed by bringing a more health-conscious menu with foods such as the Impossible Burger. They have also launched a green packaging pilot program to bring sustainability since our environment is a very important cause. 

Creative branding is never static because everything changes and your branding must reflect that. That doesn’t mean that you have to give up the originality and why people frequent your business. This would be what we would call your style and personality. The only element that changes is where we are in the story and how it connects to the direction you want your business to go. 

Creative branding at the genius level will give you a feeling when you think about the product or service. If the feeling is visceral, then it is creative branding at its best. 

As an example, what we’ve noticed is that more and more casual restaurants have offered something for your pet. Starbucks has the puppuccino, so now our pets get excited! We also just found out that In & Out offers a pup-patty as part of their secret menu for free. 

Developing creative branding ideas helps put your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds. Think of your business as your child with a specific talent (in this case, your product or service) who helps others. That’s creative branding made easy. 

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