The Content Writer as Master of Disguise

Feb 20, 2022 | Content Marketing

There are several facets that make up a great content writer that are so important that we will spend a little time explaining them. Since content writers are asked to do many different writing tasks, they usually can write in different voices.

What we mean will overlap a bit on style as well. But make no mistake, voice and style are different with a slight overlap. Here is what we mean by voice – say two companies want blogs written on various products or services. The owner of the company is trying to build the business and really doesn’t have time or talent to be writing his blog.

Enter the experienced content writer who will take over this task. That content writer will take on the owner’s voice or whoever is supposed to be doing the writing.

This first company sells bedding from different parts of the world, and the voice has to be in line with the company’s branding.

Now the second company is a car repair shop that specializes in older cars. The content writer must change their voice and perhaps take on an expert’s tone. What’s nice is that gender is not essential as long as the writer’s voice is knowledgeable and engaging.

We are going to go out on a limb and bring up the word “tone,” which we feel is better than style. Simply because the word style could be misunderstood or confused with what we learned in essay writing in school. This is important, but it is a bit too formal and academic for our purpose. That’s why content writers are masters of disguise as well as excellent storytellers and research artists. Writing is not only a talent, but a tool that can be used in so many different industries and businesses. It is the polyester of talents. 

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