Public Awareness Campaigns Work on Different Levels

May 29, 2021 | Public Relations

This might be the first time in history that public awareness campaigns unite us as human beings. Public awareness campaigns can inform what you as a business owner believe in. There are so many different causes out there that bringing awareness to any of them is actually a service, not only to the cause but also to someone who might be personally affected, thus changing their lives.

Another level that public awareness campaigns work is if you can align your business in some way to that particular cause, your marketing is now a win-win. You are helping the cause that needs attention. At the same time, you are informing the public about your phenomenal business.

Without giving it another thought, many small businesses were bringing public awareness to the Black Lives Matter cause when it started trending. They would put their little banners on their business site, storefronts, and in their posts on social media. In doing so, people who might have never frequented their businesses started supporting those businesses because they felt a kinship.

At EDK, we all love animals, and many of us eat plant-based. It just worked out that way! We all come from different backgrounds and are just like-minded people. Well, if any of us see a public awareness campaign having to do with saving animals, or saving our planet, or eating plant-based, we are all over it.

How lucky are we that we live at a time when bringing public awareness to something we are already passionate about is the right thing to do.

The reason we bring awareness is because that leads to acceptance. Of course, not everyone loves dogs; we get that, but bringing awareness opens up a conversation, and at the very least, makes people understand and accept those who do love dogs.

For some reason, some people don’t want to get vaccinated. They believe it is an infliction on our rights and un-American. So EDK asks you to please get vaccinated. It is an American tradition to save lives.