3 Shocking Secrets of the Email Subject Line

Dec 21, 2020 | Email Marketing

Depending on the industry, the email subject line goes by different names. For example, in the real estate industry it’s called curb appeal, in sales it’s referred to as the first impression, and in every business imaginable that sends out emails, it’s called the email subject line.

The email subject line’s prime focus is to get the reader enticed to open and read the email. Since your email box is inundated with emails all vying to be opened by you, that email subject line becomes a vital commodity.

Here are three secrets behind crafting a well-written email subject line:

  1. Less is more, or keep it simple. If you choose your words wisely, this will be easy. Fewer words mean less room for error or misinterpretation.
  2. Appeal to the intended reader’s emotion or what is of value. It can be their curiosity, vanity, or if time is the value, then use simplicity.
  3. Deliver what you implied. In other words, don’t waste their time by pulling a bait and switch. If you wrote three shocking secrets, give them the three facts you don’t see in every blog.

When a real estate agent puts a house on the market, they spruce it up. Perhaps they will stage the home, so they’ll ask the current owners if they would put a percentage of their belongings in storage. They may also take down their family pictures so that the potential buyers could imagine their own family in that house, or plant flowers so that the potential buyers will be attracted to that house.

What the real estate agent is doing is appealing to the potential buyer’s emotion. They are saying forget the knickknacks; less is more. Giving the house curb appeal is akin to using strong adjectives or powerful words in the email subject line. But just like in the real estate example, you are still delivering a 4-bedroom house, you’re just making the product more enticing. So what you write on the email subject line is very important. You want to get the reader to open the email but don’t disappoint them by not delivering.

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