SEO Content Writing Must Always Engage

Jan 7, 2021 | General

We are all familiar with SEO content writing and how important it is to the growth of your business, but having said that, it is also essential to engage your readers with great content.

There is a huge difference between SEO content writing for the sake of getting traffic to your site and writing to truly inform your readers and build relationships.

Yes, we understand that the latter sounds Pollyanna-ish, and in this day and age, there isn’t time to waste, but let us ask you a question — if your business was a brick-and-mortar business, would you take time to engage your customers so that they enjoyed coming to your shop?

As a customer, who doesn’t enjoy visiting a friend as you’re getting things done? Back in the days of yore, people would come into a hardware store and while they bought paint or whatever the business sold, they would network, get industry updates, and build relationships. The interesting thing was that they did it through the art of chatting and never realized that’s what they were doing.

SEO content writing can provide the same type of information! First of all, the potential customer needs something so they type in a search. You can equate this to going into a store that sells what you need.

Say you need to buy exercise equipment. So you go to “Exercise Equipment Galore” and you get a sales representative that is truly helpful and educates you on the latest without talking down to you or using jargon that you don’t understand. He just gives you valuable information and at the end doesn’t pressure you, he just gives you his card. (You can equate this to finding beneficial and valuable information through your online search).

We guarantee that if that customer is truly looking to buy, they will come back to you when they are ready. In the wide world of the internet, in order to make an honest sincere connection, then you must be engaging.

If you as a business owner can’t do that yourself, then hire a professional writer who can do all your SEO content writing. The engaging content writer can be like having a friendly customer service representative to serve your customers, and ultimately bring in new ones.

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