The Importance of Building a Brand That Evokes Trust

Dec 4, 2020 | Branding, Branding Agencies Los Angeles

Without getting too technical, trust has both an emotional and logical component to it. Logically, we size up, and at the same time, we are emotionally gauging how we feel about what we are sizing up. Brand marketing, when done right, will evoke trust in the product or service.

Trust is something you feel; it is visceral and undeniable. In other words, it’s there or it’s not — there is no gray area. Trust is not indifferent — would you leave your infant daughter in the care of someone you felt indifferent about? Probably not, so on some level, you trust them.

When it comes to brand marketing, you want to evoke the feeling of trust so that your product or service will be purchased and allowed to prove itself. After all, it is a great product, otherwise you wouldn’t be marketing it, right?

This is a crucial question we ask, because if you aren’t sincere on some level in your marketing, you aren’t going to evoke trust in your brand to your audience.

We feel trust; some of the emotions that are associated with it include friendship, love, comfort, companionship, relaxation, home, and hearth. Nostalgia is another emotional response you can evoke.

Different techniques have been used by marketing experts with great success. After you have done your research on your target audience, you need to figure out what speaks to that audience. What emotion do you need to evoke to that audience? Only focus on one emotion since you want your message to be clear and concise. Focus on the audience.

What is the brand’s core quality and the product’s benefits? Apply this to your audience and make sure you have specific information such as age range, income level, occupation, and such.

Plan your content to evoke emotional value. You can start doing this by creating a logo, symbol, or mascot that would evoke emotion. Brand marketing that evokes a feeling is gold, and you’ll know you nailed it because you’ll feel it. Trust us!

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