What the Heck is an Email Copywriter?

Feb 8, 2021 | Email Marketing

An email copywriter is just one hat or title he/she goes by. The truth is that an email copywriter is a genius at what they do! They are chameleons and work undercover to make you and your business look great. Depending on the organization, some or all of the following are expected of the email copywriter:

  1. SEO keyword knowledge
  2. Provide strong, engaging newsletters and blogs
  3. Knowledge of online content and marketing strategies
  4. Exceptional research skills
  5. Strong knowledge of social media
  6. Be able to work in collaboration with other creatives in conceptualizing project needs

Many organizations would prefer the individual wanting to work as an email copywriter have a bachelor’s degree. Having said that, the degree doesn’t guarantee that you will have the savvy or talent to work in an ever-changing creative environment. A degree will open the door though, and from there getting an entry-level position or an internship.

The email copywriter is a professional copywriter, and emails are just some of the tools used as part of their marketing strategies. Here is a story we’ll share with you, and is a testament to how powerful this profession is.

Back in 1938, unemployment was at an all-time high of 19% because of the recession. The diamond industry was suffering, so Harry Oppenheimer, whose father owned De Beers, the largest diamond company, decided to contract New York ad agency N.W. Ayer & Son to market the diamond. The copywriters at the ad agency decided to make the diamond synonymous with love and romance, and even make it as a measurement of the man’s love and professional success (i.e. the bigger the diamond, the more he loves you and the bigger the diamond the more successful he was).

The agency marketed an idea and not the actual diamond. To this day, a diamond is the symbol of love, and every piece of jewelry given with a diamond has that meaning behind it. Compliments of a copywriter with out-of-the-box ideas…no pun intended.

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