The Allure, and Mystique of the Marketing Copywriter

Mar 12, 2021 | Content Marketing

Have you ever been captivated by a blog post, articles, or social media posts? Do they seem insightful, so much so that you would return for more of that wisdom? Well, then you can thank the talent of the marketing copywriter. The marketing copywriter is the genius with the friendly, kind and knowledgeable personality behind all that great content that you’ve found on the internet.

If you found content, and you enjoyed it, that is part of the allure. If it captures your attention and you are reeled in, then the marketing copywriter did their job! The mystique part of the equation is that you will probably never know who they are, their name, or what they look like. The marketing copywriter could be twice your age and love skeet shooting, or a mother of three from the Midwest. Yet, time after time, you will be captivated by something they wrote, and like a secret code it will speak to you and help, entertain, or engage you into a solution. Why? Because regardless of who they are, they know their stuff when it comes to marketing, social media, research, and of course writing great copy.

The marketing copywriter won’t ever sound like they are selling you anything. They will sound like they are speaking to you on a personal level and empathize with your situation. That is their magic!

Perhaps you saw an article of a new product or service that someone discovered or is currently using, and wow, that gave you a great idea. So it helped you, and now you are using the product. Marketing copywriters do their research; that could be reading documents, or buying the product and using it.

Every successful company has a great marketing team behind them; they may be designing emails, engaging potential clients, or writing content for social media. If you happened to see the CEO of a company you follow, who is a big game changer, posting an intriguing tweet on Twitter, that could be a marketing copywriter working their magic.

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