Write It, Then Show It With Good Professional Photography

Apr 8, 2021 | Marketing Agencies Los Angeles

When you add the right picture to good writing, it is always a winner.” — Endrea Kosven, EDK founder and CEO

We preface the following statement by saying that we are talking about the kind of good professional photography that is swimming with great composition.

A good writer can see a story in a handrail next to a staircase, the same way a good photographer can see the composition of that same handrail next to that staircase leading up to a hallway. Maybe that photographer will include that shadow that blankets the entrance to the hallway and a gray pigeon that is perched on the handrail.

Good professional photography completes the written word, engages the reader, and leaves a lasting impression, reenforcing the message. Recently, EDK founder and CEO Endrea Kosven, who had us accenting just about everything with good professional photography here at EDK before it was a thing, was approached by the Shutterstock photo agency to give her opinion. You can read what she had to say here.

The other great reason to use good professional photography is that you want to reach a wider audience. You know how there are those people who would rather read the book than watch the movie? Good writing reaches the reader who would rather read the book, and good professional photography reaches those who are inspired by pictures, or would rather see the movie.

What is not known about Endrea is that the reason she saw value in good professional photography to be used in blogs and articles on the company site before anyone else did was because she was exposed (no pun intended) to photography at an early age. She was taught that there is inspiration in pictures and in the written word.

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